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Description of organization

Allowing talents to blossom. Bisbee is ideally suited to that. We are the breeding ground for teachers in education. We do this in NT2, Education & ISK education, with our assessors, but also within regular MBO and VO. We underline this with the Bisbee Academy, our knowledge center for professional, practice-oriented training, courses and workshops.
Recognized trainers, coaches, product specialists and educational consultants from the sector challenge our educators and assessors – after all, you don’t become a teacher, you are one – to get the best out of themselves and thus take the quality of education to a higher level. Organizations that are familiar with our breeding ground gain more than just a flexible workforce. A promise that Bisbee has been keeping for more than 15 years.

Job description

We only invite you to apply if you have a teaching assistant or teacher training diploma. Other applications will not be considered.

Newcomers to the Netherlands have a strong motivation to master the Dutch language. They want to develop themselves. To achieve this they need guidance, care and a stable environment. Do you want to make a difference for the young target group who learn Dutch as a second language? Can you give them the stability, security and challenge that is so important? Then you are the teaching assistant who can fulfill this valuable role within the ISK.

What are you going to do?

Within an ISK you actively work on language skills and strengthening the self-confidence of the students. You form a bridge between their home environment and the classroom.
As a teaching assistant you stand shoulder to shoulder with the teacher. In an atmosphere of trust, students flourish and dare to share more and more. You support them in their growth towards independence and prepare them for the transition to regular education.
You work very intensively with these students. Both the starting level of the Dutch language and the level of education achieved in the country of origin can vary greatly. It is therefore important to connect well with these different levels and to offer education in a differentiated way.

What do we offer?

We naturally ensure that matters are properly arranged. A clear contract, fast processing of declarations and always online insight into your schedule and financial matters:
  • Salary for teaching assistants € 2047 and € 2961 gross per month for full-time employment
  • When deployed in secondary education, we follow the collective labor agreement for secondary education
  • travel allowance in accordance with the collective labor agreement
  • a permanent contact person as a point of contact: your education manager
  • and above all: personal attention!

Who are you?

Are you now thinking: this is exactly what suits me. Then the points below probably also apply to you:
  • you make contact from person to person
  • you have a good dose of humor and curiosity
  • you are pedagogically strong
  • you do not hesitate to differentiate at different levels
  • creating a safe learning environment is a must for you
It is also important that you have a relevant diploma. This is at least a teaching assistant diploma, but a teaching qualification is of course also possible.
Knowledge of or experience with the target group is nice, but not necessary. Our colleagues in the field are happy to help you on your way.

Finally, for this vacancy it is important that you:

  • you live in the Dordrecht region
  • are available for at least 2 days a week

Field of work: ISK

You will work within the ISK field.

Number of hours: 16-40 hours

Working 16-40 hours per week, in consultation.

Salary: €2,047 – €2,961

You will earn between • 2,047 and • 2,961 per month.

Region: South Holland

You work in the South Holland region.


Continuity in contact; your education manager is your permanent point of contact.


Attention to personal development through coaching, further training and participation in professional groups.

Who are we?

Bisbee Flexonderwijs focuses only on education and is therefore a real specialist. We are even the market leader in the field of flexible teachers in the NT2 sector. Our qualified teachers, assessors and support staff carry out educational projects for our clients in secondary and secondary vocational education. Whether you are a teacher in adult education, ISK or primary education, we have many clients and many different vacancies.
“The Bisbee guarantee: personal attention, variety, continuity, and development.”
Bisbee employs full-time teachers, as well as colleagues who work in education in addition to another job or assignment. For example, that electrician who teaches the classroom 1 day a week. Or the economics teacher who also chooses to do meaningful work at an ISK 2 days a week. We offer customization. To the customer but also to our flex professionals. You decide when you work and where. We provide fun jobs, assignments and continuity.

“Specialist in Education and personal attention.”

Bisbee is a warm and committed team. We believe that job satisfaction and personal development are important. At Bisbee it is about your career, our added value as an employer and the social role you fulfill as a teacher. Personal attention is our strength. That’s why teachers choose Bisbee.

Location:  Dordrecht

Closing Date :5th October, 2023


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